Proactive Cyber Security for Business

costs less than you think.

Let us bring peace of mind to your world online and protect you from today's security problems.


What We Do

We believe it takes a team effort to fight cybercrime.  This is why we developed and improved our innovative solutions like our Sentry Real-time Security and DataSafe Backup and Disaster Recovery System with feedback of users like you.  At AMEOT, our goal is to work together with you to fight against our mutual adversary, cybercrime.

Together, we will stand up and protect your business before it gets hit by ransomware or any malware that threatens you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can work together to proactively defend you.

Sentry Cyber Protection

Turn the malicious to the irrelevant, let us protect your Windows, Mac OS and Linux devices! 


DataSafe File and System Restore

Keep all your files, software and settings safe in case of theft, loss, disaster, and more!


Who We Are

We are a company of Cyber Protection Specialists who want to partner with you to protect your business.  We believe that proactive security is the only way to truly protect yourself from cybercrime.


Most Cybersecurity firms do not take this approach.  They take the model of a forensics team. After a breech or attack, they rush in to document and attempt to repair the damage. Not us.  


AMEOT knows disaster is coming.  With your help, we've prepared to stop it before it can disrupt you and your employees from serving the clients who depend on you.


We are ready and able to protect you from the people and events that can bring your company harm. 


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