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Embrace of Technology


It's more than who we are. 

It's what we believe.

Fix It

Call AMEOT for all your IT issues.  If your computer is slow, has a virus, can't access a web site, or use your email to share files with your co workers...we can help.  


On average companies lose 3.92 million dollars per data breach incident. -IBM

This doesn't include the lost income due to damaged reputations.

AMEOT's Datasafe backup system does more than just backup your files...  It gives you the peace of mind knowing that your buisness can be up and running quickly if a catastrophy happens.

back it up

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

We are not your average IT company.

Have you been burned by your last IT service provider?  It is our belief that companies of all sizes deserve the very best when it comes to MIS, IT, and Cybersecurity.


Many large companies have dozens of IT people.  So often small businesses can't afford the necessary support, making them easy targets.  We put small businesses on even ground with the big guys.

We secure your customer data and financial transactions, scan the dark web for stolen credentials, identify and correct points of faults with risk intelligence.  Our enterprise level security and resources are used to protect America's most valuable and plentiful resource… small business.

Need help? Not sure where to start?  Request a FREE site survey today!

Slow network or computer?

Have us come out for a free site survey!  We specialize in solving problems.  Let us solve your network and computer speed issues!

Loss of Connection or Service?

Have us come out for a free site survey!  Let us help you get connected!

Not sure how well you are set up?

Have us come out for a free site survey!  It costs you nothing and there is no obligation to use our services, we just want to get you going in the right direction!

Is your tech not helping business?

Have us come out for a free site survey!  Let us help you find the right tools that fine tune your commerce and customer service!  If it doesn't exist, we can make them for you.