Premier Cyber Security for Business

for as little as $12 a month*

Let Us Be Your Proactive Security Partner to Stop Data Breaches and Losses Before You Lose Valuable Information, Time, and Money.

*per device


What We Do

Satisfy customers with the best solutions available.

Sentry Security Monitoring

Stops anything malicious from running on your devices! 


Take the fear out of the internet and eliminate the chances of human error infecting your network

DataSafe Backup System

Keep all your files, software and settings safe in case of theft, loss, disaster, and more!

Other guys only back up your data.  We back up your software and licenses, so you can actually access your old information.


Who We Are

We provide the best cyber security protection out there.  Our focus, unlike our competitors, is to be proactive and stop your data from having from being breached or lost before it happens.


We use tactics the bad guys use to find your vulnerabilities and fix them before they are known by those who wish to do your company harm. 


How Secure Are You?

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