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“At AMEOT we are constantly pushing the envelope in order to improve and expand on existing technologies by

establishing powerful partnerships and relationships with our industry colleagues.”

                                                                                                                                                              — Andre Smith, Founder of AMEOT


Make your life a walk on the beach with AMEOT's
6 simple but powerful products:

Is your system safe? 


AMEOT Sentry is a 24-hour service, providing security, management, and maintenance, made affordable to even the smallest of micro-businesses.


AMEOT has devised a system that will capture and identify threats before they are even known and have a chance to do damage to your system.


Do you need flexibility in where you work? 


If you want to move your business from a brick and mortar to a cloud platform, AMEOT Stratus secures your connections to your data and work environments from anywhere there is an active internet connection.


Let us give you the ability to work from anywhere!

Are you worried about losing your information? 


AMEOT’s Datasafe is an offsite backup solution for your files and your entire digital environment.

Image by Kevin Ku

Have you already been compromised?


With AMEOT Dark, we'll research the dark web to see what information of yours has fallen into others' hands and offer you solutions to fix the problem.


Do you need an IT person?


AMEOT provides flat rate plans that you will be able to use to pay for highly capable IT personnel just for the times that you need them.  We have a group of professional IT trained and educated individuals who are just a phone call away.

Is your customer information secure?


Do you use your machines to take payments for your customers?


We look at how you are storing your data and how it is configured. Then we point out the places where they can be better.

In today’s world, a data breach and related law suits could ruin your company. AMEOT will make sure your sensitive data is protected with our tests to check for vulnerabilities. Together, we will use this data to make sure any issues you have are repaired to keep your information as secure as possible.