At AMEOT we are constantly pushing the envelope in order to improve and expand on existing technologies by establishing powerful partnerships and relationships with our industry colleagues, as well as developing new technologies to help improve your life and your environment. Together we are stronger, interdependence is how we strive to develop the developed world and create a renewed spirit of innovation.”
— Andre Smith, Founder of AMEOT


                             AMEOT currently offers 4 simple but powerful products:

·         AMEOT Sentry: is a 24 hour service, providing security, management, and maintenance, made affordable to even the smallest of micro-businesses.

·         AMEOT DataSafe: A solution that not only captures your files but your entire digital environment, assisting with not only data recovery, but disaster recovery, while keeping the customer agile, and in compliance with state and federal data confidentiality and protection regulations.

·         AMEOT Stratus: is The cloud platform that enables us to be secure and confident everywhere, all the time, and Stratus is also available to our customers, to allow them secure connections to their data and work environments all the time, from everywhere there is an active internet connection.

·         My IT Plans: are A set of flat rate support solutions to accommodate companies with existing IT workers interested in cutting costs without losing the effectiveness of on-site support personnel, and companies looking to hire IT workers to support their companies employees and infrastructure.  we believe the human touch is priceless, and should be affordable.  The only thing your business can't afford is to be in need, yet be without.  


Everyone's goals and dreams are different in some way or another, and there is no cookie cutter solution to the world's many challenges.  

Request a free site survey today, and we'll find the best solutions for your challenges.

Below are some of the more common ways we can help. 


Just like with people, the effectiveness of our devices are only increased when they work together. We can design a secure network for you, or simply maintain and secure the network you already have in place.

Support & Installation

Whether you prefer Mac or PC, we can install them in your location as well as repair and maintain them while they are in service. If it has anything to do with a computer, we are here to help.

Remote Assistance

In the highly flexible and mobile environment of business today, your desk is where you set your tablet.  As long as you can connect to the internet, we can assist you!  


We can find or create the best backup solutions for your individual circumstances and environment. It is hard to put a price tag on data until you lose it. Let us help you NOT lose it, that would be best.


Not comfortable with putting your private things on the Internet's skybox or drop drive? Would you feel better using a cloud of your own? You are not alone, and it isn't as expensive as you might think.


Even doctors' devices are subject to nasty viral infections, and yet viruses seems to have become the very nature of being online. We understand why they're here, what they want, and how to get rid of them. Lucky for you, bad for them.