“At AMEOT we are constantly pushing the envelope in order to improve and expand on existing technologies by

establishing powerful partnerships and relationships with our industry colleagues.”

                                                                                                                                                              — Andre Smith, Founder of AMEOT


Make your life a walk on the beach with AMEOT's
 powerful security products:

If the threat is at your door, would you call an able bodied officer to assist with the threat, or a forensic technician to analyze what happened after the fact?


Don't rely on reactive security solutions like antivirus that deal with threats after they are already active on your computers?  Once you've been victimized, we can always remove the threat, but can't always reverse the damage. 

AMEOT Sentry is a 24-hour service, providing security monitoring, that will capture and identify threats BEFORE they have a chance to reach and do damage to your system.  

We make using your computer safer and fun, without all the fear.

Can you think of ANY reason your IT personnel could give for losing your company or customer data? 

If've never heard of AMEOT’s Datasafe.  Let us empower your IT people to always have reliable back ups.  

This is not your father's stretchable backup tapes that allow data to corrupt, it's a digital backup for your digital data. 


If you don't currently have technicians, give us a call we have partners across the country that share our unbending commitment to superior service! 

Image by Kevin Ku

Have you already been compromised?

Who has your information?


With AMEOT Dark, we'll research the dark web to find out what hackers have found out about you.  We help you identify exposed accounts and change stolen passwords.  

We make stolen credentials worthless to criminals.

Are your customers' contact information stored in your computer?


Do you take payments from your customers with your machines or in your network?

We look at how you are store and transmit your customer and payment data in your network.  Then we point out the places where security can be better.

No company is too small to be a target.  As a matter of fact, because most small companies can't afford effective security services and components, they are prime targets. 

Don't be caught unaware, get quarterly intel on your network.

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