Sentry doesn't let dangerous files or programs run on your computer.  Perfect for residential customers to enterprise companies and everyone in between.

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Sentry beats the other guys hands down.  Our method is the fastest system of target acquisition and expulsion.

Traditional antivirus protects your computer by going through your data looking for viruses that match the virus definitions in the list.  When it finds one, it tries to delete it. New information is added to the list often and sent to your computer as an update, which then needs to be manually or automatically installed.  Then your computer is prepared to detect that virus in a scan.

The problem is that traditional antivirus doesn't know what to do with unknown files.  Unidentified bad files are allowed to run on your system.  This is what causes the so many places to get ransomware, malware and viruses.  They aren't protected from the newest threats.

That's where Sentry comes in...

We don’t stop you from using unknown programs or files, but we separate them from your computer with a secure container, automatically.  If it’s good, you can use it in containment until our team or yours deems it safe.  Your computer and data are safe because bad and unknown files cannot leave the container.


If it’s bad, the harmful actions are detected and the program is deleted, and instantly barred from running on any computer we protect. 


No annoying updates, no time consuming scans, it’s all automatic.

In fact, the system works so well that in over 10 years of operation, no threats have gotten past the Sentry

No ransomware.  No malware.  No viruses.  Nothing.

Even though we call Sentry an “Antivirus,” it really is a new concept in computer protection.


We believe it to be the most effective “Antivirus” on the market today. 

“A friend of mine was attacked by ransomware.  His business was down for a week.  So I had him send me the phishing link that started it all.  I clicked it and nothing happened.  That's how much confidence I have in Sentry.”