AMEOT Security is a 24-hour service, providing security, management, and maintenance, made affordable to even the smallest of micro-businesses. AMEOT has devised a system that will capture and identify threats before they are even known and have a chance to do damage to your system.


Prevent yourself from viruses, malware and other bad things from compromising your data.


$90 per year, per computer is a small price to pay to know you are protected against any threat out there.


Install in 4 easy steps:


1) Download the file and unzip the information.


2) Run installer of Communication Client after download complete. After that, your device will be enrolled and appears in Device List.


3) After Communication Client is installed, AMEOT Sentry Security Client will be installed on your device automatically.


4) Your device will be rebooted after installation of AMEOT Sentry Security Client is completed.  Congratulations!  Now you are completely protected with the best security you can buy for your machines.



AMEOT Sentry