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Welcome to the AMEOT Blog!

We're here to inform you about what you need to know about Cyber Security and what you need to do to protect yourself.

AMEOT was founded in 2014 with the goal of Assisting Mankind's Embrace Of Technology. We go above and beyond to make sure our products are the best possible to help you to protect yourself and your business.

Currently our product line consists of two products, with more in development:

1) AMEOT Sentry: Sentry is designed to give you peace of mind on the internet. In fact since it's invention in 2012, users of Sentry have NEVER caught a virus, NEVER had to deal with malware OR phishing OR data breaches. A company can only protect itself so much, one faulty link click by one person not paying attention is all it takes to compromise your information.

Sentry takes anything that comes into your system and scans it to make sure it's benign. If there is any question, Sentry encapsulates the file, but allows it to run and the user to use it. If the file is malicious, it has no access to any of your data. You are virtually protected from anything! Better yet, the moment sentry detects a new threat all Sentry products are instantaneously protected. NO MORE need to search for updates. NO MORE need for scans. We're proactive and protect you before you're hit, not after like our competitors.

2) AMEOT DataSafe: DataSafe goes above and beyond the other guys on and off site backups. Our competitors do a great job backing up your data. But what about your programs, software licenses and things you need to run them? One of the other guy's former clients was telling us about a time he needed a legacy file from 15 years ago. He went to his backups, but had no way to run the file. He was out of luck.

AMEOT DataSafe makes sure all your data, programs, licenses, and settings are backed up. Never stress over trying to access a legacy file that you don't have the software installed. It will be there with us.

Our methods allow for quick restoration of services. If you're computer dies, we can have another up within the day with your settings, files, software, even your desktop back just like nothing happened. Use us for peace of mind.

We look out for you and your needs, for other company that's a line, with us it's a promise.

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