Assisting Mankind's Embrace of Technology

"IT is expensive for many, but it doesn't have to be.  AMEOT will allow us to innovate with Cybersecurity and proceed knowingly and with confidence"

-Andre Smith, Founder


Why we exist: 

  • To offer you top notch customer service and technical support which is friendly and helpful

  • To introduce new and emerging Cyber technologies to our customers to keep them informed, up to date with their business practices, while maimizing the valu their budgets

  • We protect data from the invisible intruders that threaten business in realms beyond everyday awareness

  • Help businesses and governments to create policies and systems that protect their interests and empower their employees

  • Perform regularly scheduled audits to ensure and provide proof of compliance with legal requirements for information and payment systems security

  • Help businesses of all sizes to take control of their technology and use it to meet their needs

  • To use tech to streamline business processes and bring productivity to the next level

  • Fulfill our mission to advance the adoption of technology by being innovative, informative, supportive and profitable


How we save you money?

  • AMEOT will puts IT support staff in the cloud. Giving businesses the power to scale up or dial back IT support as needed without having to pay to advertise jobs, create budgets for expensive in-house IT positions, attract, train and retain IT employees on your own anymore.

  • We have plans to fit every business, at a fraction of what it currently costs to hire, maintain, and retain qualified IT personnel to support existing technologies. 

  • We save organizations thousands by removing the costs of obtaining health insurance coverage, workman’s compensation, unemployment insurance, vacation and sick leave, training, certification and re-certification for your technical staff.  

  • AMEOT provides the option to customize IT support on the fly, and only pay for what is needed, when it’s needed. No hiring and firing, no technical management or additional office expenses required to support the technical staff.

  • AMEOT is well prepared to help navigate the obstacles of cyber commerce and security, green technologies, cloud computing, mobility, telecommuting, augmented and virtual reality, 5G rollout, Internet and private cloud, intelligent systems and information technology!

  • Our goal is to continually improve the way cyber security, commerce, services and support are delivered forever, by forging partnerships and deploying teams of specialized individuals and systems to protect what matters most.