What makes Sentry better than my antivirus?

There were nearly 1,500 data breeches last year, most of those people had antivirus. The other guys' antivirus is like a forensics team.  It figures out what happens after the fact and tries to clean up the mess.  Sentry is proactive, we help to prevent you from getting hit in the first place.  Since it's invention in 2012, Sentry users have NEVER experienced a data breech, a virus, malware, or other attack.  We prevent it from happening.

I have backups.  What makes DataSafe different?

DataSafe backs up your programs, software licenses and settings, as well as your data.  Other guys only back up the files.  What happens when you need to access something you don't have the software to open anymore with the other guy?  You are out of luck.  With us you can access that file in minutes.